The Sleeping Duck Mattress Review for 2020

Sleeping Duck mattress is customizable hybrid mattress featuring a firm, soft, and new half-half version. It has also won the Australian’s Best Innovative mattress in a Box award for 2019. 

Besides its innovative design, its superior build quality makes it stand out.

Customizable to offer many options. By customizable, we mean the mattress can move vertically, and you can arrange it to provide you with the perfect level of firmness.

In other words, if you decide to adjust the firmness level, you will get a swap foam from the Sleeping Duck. Let’s explore more details about Sleeping Duck Mattress Review:

What Kind of Mattress is the Sleeping Duck?

It is a hybrid mattress with pocket springs, high-density foam, memory foam, and natural latex. The mattress has different firmness levels. 

You are allowed to customize and adjust firmness options during the 100-night trial.

The ability of the mattress to solve common sleep issues is through customization of the firmness level. And the company has lots of money to get this part about customization right. 

Let me explain:

If you slept on the mattress during the 100-night trial and you saw it less firm. All you need is to change it to medium firmness. You do that by swapping a layer inside. The good news is, doing all this is free of charge. 

But that’s not all.

You can request a new mattress if you found the layers to be too soft or too firm. 

The customization features make this mattress more expensive than any high-end foam mattress.

How Many Layers Does Sleeping Duck Have

Sleeping Duck mattress review article

The design and construction of this mattress will impress you a lot. The top cover and side panel of this mattress brings out a stunning look. It has four distinct layers. Let’s take a peek at each layer.

Top Comfort Layer

The top layer is a combination of memory foam, latex blend, and gel infusion. Memory foam is excellent for pressure relief, and latex is perfect for “bounciness” or promoting the float-like experience. 

Those two layers are likely to keep coolness as your sleep throughout the night. 

It also has improved breathability, which promotes air circulation. The mattress will contour well with your body curves as it relieves you from pressure points.

With the latex material allowing you to rise quickly and a little bounce. Trust me. You are sleeping on the right mattress. The latex layer is 1.9 cm thick while the memory foam layer is 1.9cm.

Transitional layer

Under the memory foam and latex layer, we have a high-density polyurethane foam that is 6.4cm thick. 

The purpose of this layer is to manage the firmness level. Besides that, it gives the top layers enough pressure relief and support.

In other words, the sleeper gets a feel of pressure relief and excellent bouncing foundation provided. 

Thanks to this middle layer, you can adapt the shape and sleeping positions to suit your preferences.

The transitional layer is smooth that you won’t feel like bumping into layers as you sleep. 

Thanks to it being firm than the comfort layer and less firm than the bottom base. Rest assured that your body won’t detect the transition.

The Innerspring Coil Layers

It is the final layer with a 21.6 cm thickness. In this mattress, we call this last layer, the home of the pocketed coils. It is a layer that will impress you because it has five different zones of firmness.

All this varying firmness level have a job of accommodating differences in pressure points to suit various sleeping positions. 

That’s why this mattress guarantees exceptional comfort. The wrapping of each coil reduces motion transformation and gives the springs ultimate stability.

I like the bounce and light feelings the mattress gives you rather than sinking in it. Thicker steel reinforces the springs, which makes you sleep on the edge comfortably without falling off.

Was Any Innovative Technology Used in the Design

Yes. Sleeping Duck used vacuum compression and rolling technology. Technology reduces the mattress to its original size without causing damage.

It can withstand force in the process. The springs are housed and calibrated to prevent damage when they are rolled.

All these material used to make sleeping duck mattress are GECA certified in Australia. That means you are sleeping on a high-end quality mattress having a long life expectancy.

The Cover

The mattress features a zip running cover. You can easily remove it and wash. The cover’s top fabric is a blend of bamboo and rayon. The side panel features a polyester material with a tight stretchy wrap.

Expect the topper to be breathable and moisture-absorbent. Besides that, the antimicrobial element on the mattress keeps your dust and pathogens.

How Does it Feel Sleeping on Sleeping Duck Mattress

Sleeping on the Sleeping Duck is a dream come true for side sleepers, back sleepers, and heavy sleepers. In other words, most sleepers will have love this mattress.

The only people who won’t love the mattress are stomach sleepers because it may be too firm for them. 

A side sleeper will love Sleeping Duck mattress because of the hug and hip support. Heavy sleeping can always upgrade this mattress to increase the firmness if they sink too deep.

Back sleepers will enjoy sleeping on the mattress because it provides more support. The Hyper-Adaption foam technology, high-density foam, and base springs- All those material support the lumber and cradles the neck.

Since soft mattress makes back sleepers hips and causes back pain, it’s rare for them to love the soft mattress. Sleeping Duck mattress combines foam and springs to create a sleeping experience that offers both of those worlds.

The spring technology is a remarkable innovation that let you choose the perfect firmness level. You have the option to start with a medium or firm feel.

And you can switch to any firmness level during the trial period. The company will send a new layer free of charge if you need them to swap out a new softer or firmer feel.

Since it is so easy to change firmness level, Sleeping Duck appeals to so many sleepers. But they are exceptions. The exception is, it won’t appeal to stomach sleeping and large stomach sleepers.

Does Sleeping Duck Have excellent Edge Support

Couples who sleep together and are sexually active need have a comfortable rest. They will have to pay attention to the edge support. An excellent edge ensures you make the most of the space available for you.

That said, I find the innerspring product excellent for offering edge support. The innerspring ensures consistent firmness and support in all the mattress edge.

The upper foam layer does compress, but the springs beneath ensure you sleep and seat comfortable or carry out your actions on the bed without falling off. 

Besides that, the edge features stiffer tension to make sure it has a rigid prop. That said, the top layer will contour nicely and ensure proper spinal alignment. The back will get excellent propping so that you won’t experience pain when sleeping.

I will give Sleeping Duck a rate of 8.5 on edge support. That’s because it has more compression and contouring on the edges. 

How Cool is the Mattress?

The Sleeping Duck comes with thermoregulation features. Its cooling process starts at the cover and extends to the mattress structure. There’s efficient ventilation offered by the breathable cover, in and out.

The cover is excellent at absorbing moisture to ensure you experience a crisp and refreshing rest

Since the top cover provides air movement, there’s no heat trapped in any of this zone. Thanks to the gel infusion, a lot of heat draws excess heat and evaporates quicker than in any regular gel.

The air coil layer had a perfect outlet for evaporating and even ventilation.

What is the ideal firmness grade?

Medium firmness scale is 6/10 and firm is 7.5/10.

The firm layer is 7.5. It feels much better than the medium. It is an excellent option for people who like sleeping on their backs. 

Most importantly, the firm layer will improve your sleeping posture and reliefs. The mattress is moderately firm, and we can rate it 6. That means, it is pleasant and soft. 

There’s some level of sinking, but it will eventually adjust to the body shape. So sinking is not a problem. Even if you sleep in any position, you will get comfort and support.

Although, you can combine to have a split version. You can combine the half moderate and half firm, to find a sweet spot. This option is great if you can’t decide which side will suit you.

According to Dr. Michael Perry, medium-firm mattress lowers pain and disability among patients with chronic low back pain.

But before you buy a firm mattress like Sleeping Duck, you need a doctor to evaluate your medical history.

Who Can Sleep on Sleeping Duck Mattress

Since this mattress allows for customization, it allows various people with different sleeping positions to find comfort. 

The most people that will love this are back and side sleepers because the mattress features the best of comfort, support, and bounce. 

As a stomach sleeping, you may want to look at other options. If you want a hybrid mattress, Sleeping Duck will be great for you. 

If you are a stomach sleeper, you can try other mattress options we have reviewed on our blog. We are 100% confident you won’t miss a mattress that you like. 

At the moment you can either check Koala Mattress or Ecosa Mattress. Between these two options, we are confident you will find something if you are a stomach sleeper.

What Does it Cost?

Sleeping Duck mattress is pricey, and that’s because it offers you features you won’t find in a most high-end bed. The mattress is expensive, but it has a super perk.

Once you make an order, you’ll receive a confirmation email from the company that you have made an order.

For some reasons, couriers are not required to enter your house. So the delivery will be made at your door. It takes a few business days for you to get your delivery. Estimated delivery will vary depending on where you live.

Unboxing the Sleeping Duck mattress
Sleepind Duck mattress

The mattress is expensive, but you’ll enjoy sleeping on unique construction. In case, you need foam swaps or returns; a customer service foam will assist you. Use the 100-night free trial period to choose the right level of firmness you want.

Sleeping duck comes with a 10-year warranty. The warranty covers excessive body imprints. In other words, if your body imprint is more than 30 mm deeper, the company treats it as a warranty case and offer you a new mattress.

Firmness preference is not covered in the warranty. If in the course of using the mattress you find the firmness level to have changed, it will not be covered. That’s why it is essential for you to use the 100-night trial period to find the right firmness level.

Any minor manufacturing issues like tear or wear, won’t be covered in the warranty. 


Sleeping Duck is excellent for couples who can’t decide on what kind of mattress they need. Most importantly, the level of firmness they want.

The medium firmness version of the mattress feels comfy. It cradles the body living with you no pressure points. That’s why you will sleep on the back, side, or stomach without feeling the pain.
There’s a little bit of sinkage, but it doesn’t go more in-depth. If you are back or side sleeper, then this mattress for you. To finalize our review, Sleeping Duck exceeded all our expectations.

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