The Onebed Mattress Review for 2020

Onebed is one of the all-foam Australian mattresses. Featuring high-quality Dunlop latex and two more layers that ensure your comfort, this mattress may be the answer to your dreams of beautiful slumber.

The mattress gives sleepers a sinking feeling on the top layer, and yet, it still manages to hug their bodies, giving the necessary support at the middle. 

The unique all-foam design is advantageous because it is great for those who are transitioning from the use of a spring mattress.

The mattress is especially recommended for Aussies who are struggling with neck and back soreness as their pain is reported to disappear within a few nights sleep on the Onebed. 

The company also offers a generous at-home trial period and warranty to ensure that the customers get the best quality mattress for their snoozing needs.

In the review below, we tell you everything you need to know about the Onebed mattress. We do all the hard work for you, and all you have to do is to decide whether you and the Onebed mattress are meant to be.

How Does it Feel to Sleep on the Onebed Mattress?

Sleeping on the Onebed mattress is nothing short of dreamy. Customers that snooze on this mattress report that it provides the perfect sleeping surface, thanks to its bouncy latex and firm memory foam

Even though it is difficult to find a mattress that fits the needs of all sleepers, the Onebed is close because its medium firmness appeals to a large Aussie populace. 

Both single sleepers and partners are impressed with the performance of the Onebed mattress. 

However, the most satisfied customers of Onebed are the back and side sleepers. Side sleepers exert pressure on their shoulders and knees, which are important and crucial parts of the body when it comes to movement. 

One with its memory foam can take off the pressure from these delicate parts while contouring to the body’s shape to provide support. 

Back sleepers, on the other hand, love Onebed because the bouncy latex and body shaping memory foam gives just the right amount of support for their backs. 

The top of the mattress acts as a cushion, and the memory form prevents the sinking of the hips. Unfortunately, stomach sleepers are not as lucky when it comes to the Onebed. 

This happens because people who snooze on their stomach are likely to prefer a level of firmness that the Onebed does not deliver. If you are thinking of buying the Onebed mattress, consider this:

When you sit at the edge of the bed, there is an average compression. However, you will notice that you sink further on this mattress than on an all memory foam mattress. 

The latex in the Onebed gives you a good bounce that makes it easy for you to make movements such as standing up or moving towards the middle of the mattress. 

You may suspect that due to its bouncy quality, the Onebed mattress may not be ideal if you have a partner that moves around at night. Guess what; we have some good news:

The Onebed mattress is also good at absorbing movements. Hence, you will not be disturbed if your partner keeps moving at night or if your fur friends decide to come and join you for a nap. 

What Materials Make the Onebed Mattress?

The distinctive feel of the Onebed is not so much as a result of different materials foam materials but as a result of its custom construction. 

To have a better understanding of what we are trying to explain, read below to understand how the mattress is layered:

Top layer-Dunlop latex

One bed’s top layer is made of Dunlop latex. 

Dunlop latex works to offer immediate pressure relief on crucial body parts such as shoulders, knees, and back. 

What makes this layer stand out is the fact that unlike other memory foam mattresses, the latex layer does not need time to melt and soften the foam. 

As such, you sink in and settle without the slightest feeling of discomfort.

Second layer-Viscoelastic foam

The second layer of the Onebed consists of viscoelastic foam that works by providing deep compression relief. 

When you lie on the first layer, the second layer of memory foam gets activated and hugs your shoulders, hips, and spine. 

It is no wonder that those who have used this mattress testify to waking up refreshed in the morning. 

Bottom layer-high density poly foam

The final layer of the Onebed mattress is comprised of high-density poly foam. 

This layer works by supporting you and distributing your weight so that you are comfortable all night. 

All these three layers are enclosed in a dimpled mattress cover made of plush polyester fabric. 

As such, it is easy to remove the mattress cover when you need to clean it. The top layer of the fabric is a white poly blend, coupled with navy side panels made of tough protective fabric. 

As such, you can be sure that you have a compact mattress that will serve you for a long while. 

How firm is the Onebed Mattress?

Onebed is the ideal medium firm. As such, when you purchase the mattress, expect to experience delight and comfort throughout the night as the mattress will serve you with pleasant sinking and excellent stability. 

Also, you will not struggle to adjust your body to the mattress. The mattress also offers great motion transfer, and so, your tossing and turning partner or stubborn pets that will not sleep on their beds are not a problem anymore. 

What is the Weight and Thickness of the Onebed Mattress?

Certainly, the matter of weight is bound to come up when discussing mattresses in Australia. However, the Onebed does not stray from what you find ordinary. Like other foam designs, it comes in a box, which means it is compressed. 

However, the mattress may be too heavy for you to move alone. We encourage you to stay on the safer side by having someone to help you carry and unpack the mattress. 

The best approach to take when dealing with the Onebed is to put it on the intended base before removing the vacuum-packed covering. 

If you do not like to flip your mattress, then you are in luck because you do not have to flip this design. However, we recommend rotation every 4-6 months. 

The mattress is 26 centimeters thick and of average height, bringing about a balance of its support and comfort layers. There are other hybrids and thicker foam mattresses. However, the thickness is not a guarantee of comfort. 

To decide better what suits you, you should concentrate on how firm the mattress is and from what materials it is made. 

What is the Cost of the Onebed Mattress?

The Onebed mattress offers quality at an affordable cost. In fact, if you choose to buy your all foam mattresses in-store, you will end up spending more for a mattress that has a lower quality than the Onebed.

It is not a wonder that online shopping for mattresses has become a hot trend in Australia. If therefore, you are experiencing budget constraints but would love to have a quality mattress, then Onebed is the ultimate choice

Below, we highlight the prices for different sizes:

  • Single – $750
  • Double -$950
  • Queen – $1050
  • King – $1150

What Else Should I Know About Onebed?

A primary concern among all foam mattress users is heat retention. However, if you buy Onebed, you are in luck. This mattress is ideal because it does not retain heat like other memory foam mattresses

Thanks to the top latex layer, customers did not seem to have a problem with overheating while sleeping at night. 

In fact, latex cools naturally and contributes to the prevention of too much heat build-up in the memory form.

To help you gain a better experience with the Onebed mattress, we let you know below why the Onebed is for you:

You love foam beds with just Enough Bounce

The all foam Onebed does not contain a system of coils like a spring bed does. However, the firm foam and latex work hand in hand to ensure you love the amount of bounce the mattress produces. 

You will, therefore, sink when you sit on the mattress or lay down and will get up easily as well.

You sleep on your sides or back and are of moderate to heavy weight

As outlined earlier, you are more likely to benefit from the Onebed if you sleep on your back and sides as the mattress is designed to relieve the pressure points when laying in these positions. 

Also, people of moderate to heavyweight will love this mattress because it works to relieve any pains associated with mattresses that are not compact.

You are transitioning from a spring mattress

Do you remember how you have to toss and turn before getting the right position to sleep in your spring bed?

Well, Onebed is the mattress you have been waiting for your whole life. 

With its body-hugging qualities, you do not have to struggle to get comfortable. You will sink right in and slip to slumberland almost immediately.

You love reasonable firmness

If you enjoy snoozing on moderately firm surfaces, then the Onebed is your ideal sleeping surface. The surface is not too firm, but it is firm enough to accommodate all the sensitive parts of your body if you sleep on your side or back.

You are in search of pressure relief

The triple-layered Onebed is for you if you suffer joint and back pain. The components of the foams work together to give you immediate pressure and are better at it than most other brands. 

On the flipside, Onebed may not be for you if:

You love spring beds

Let us face it:

Some people just love hybrid spring beds. There is sincerely no other way they would like it. 

If this is you, then the Onebed is not for you. 

The materials used in the construction of this mattress ensure that it has a balance of bounce and firmness and offers just enough contouring and support– factors that may not be consequential if you are a spring bed fan. 

You are a stomach sleeper

As we noted earlier, stomach sleepers may run out of luck here. 

Not to say that you cannot enjoy the bounty offerings of the Onebed, but you may not enjoy snoozing on your back on this mattress as you would enjoy sleeping on your side or back.

You are light in weight

Unfortunately, if you are light in weight, you may not enjoy the fact that you will sink shallow into the Onebed mattress. Also, you may find that the mattress feels to firm for your enjoyment of slumber.  Alternatively, you can also check other mattress reviews we have in our selection

What is the Trial Length and Warranty for the Onebed?

The company offers its customers a 125-night sleep trial, which is a reasonably long and generous period. If the mattress does not impress you, you can initiate the return process. 

The company will send a representative to pick the mattress from your residence, and you shall be issued a full refund.

Further, your returned mattress also gets the chance to do some good as the One-bed company will donate it to the Salvation Army.

You also get a 15-year warranty when you buy the Onebed mattress, meaning you have the chance to fully decide whether the mattress is really the right fit for you or your family members.

So, this mattress is an option that many would enjoy. 

While some small, stomach sleepers would return it and opt for hybrid options that may be more suitable to their body frames, we are almost confident that medium to heavy side and back sleepers will appreciate everything the Onebed mattress has to offer and will be unlikely to return the mattress once they have bought it. 

You can, therefore, go ahead to the Onebed website and get yourself a Onebed mattress and fulfill your dreams of slumbering.