The Lazybed Mattress Review for 2020

Good night, Lazybed!

Lazybed mattresses have been discontinued.

Lazybed was acquired by Onebed Pty Ltd and will sell the same products you know and love under Onebed branding.

Read our detailed Onebed mattress review.

The Lazybed mattress is a unique mattress with maximum breathability. It prevents sleepers from overheating through the use of bamboo fabric, a mesh base, and viscoelastic foam.

Many side sleepers enjoy contouring construction and foam. The way the mattress is constructed allows them to sink in and sleep comfortably while staying put throughout the night.

The Lazybed Company also offers the customer a generous at-home trial period and warranty. The mattress is great, especially if you intend to transition from a spring mattress. 

The price is also friendly, especially for sleepers on a tight budget. Below, we let you know whether the Lazybed is all it promises or is just another regular product in the Australian market.

How Does it Feel Sleeping on the Lazy Bed Mattress?

One word encompasses what the Lazybed mattress brings to the table.


The Lazybed mattress embraces a foam design, which means it sinks and contours your body as you lie down. 

The high density and specialized Davina foam technology give the mattress medium firmness many Aussies crave. 

As such, the mattress can establish a balance between a sleek cushioned top layer design and provision of comfort for its users. 

If you are a side or stomach sleeper, then the Lazybed mattress was made with you in mind. However, it is not the ideal mattress for people with back issues or back sleepers. 

Side sleepers lie on their shoulders and hips which are sensitive body parts. Therefore, they require extra pressure relief in these crucial areas. 

With the memory foam of the mattress hugging the body, the person sleeping experiences adequate support and does not wake up feeling sore in the morning.

Reviewers of the mattress note that the sinking feeling is uncomfortable for their backs because instead of providing support by lifting their backs, the foam hugs the body. 

If you suffer from back issues as a result of a too-firm mattress, then the Lazybed could be the solution. 

You should, however, note that this mattress could be perfect for you and not for another. Some sleepers prefer to add toppers for the extra cushioning effect while others enjoy the slowly sinking form supporting the body in all the right ways. 

Notably, the Lazybed lacks spring support. This means its edges are affected by pressure, and this has a direct implication for people with back problems as the mattress can cause discomfort when getting in and out of bed. 

If this is the case for you, a denser foam mattress or a hybrid design may suit your needs better. 

The Lazybed mattress makes up for the lack of edge support in motion transfer. With a proper combination of two types of foams, your snoozing will not be interrupted by activities such as your partner getting out of bed or your pets jumping on the bed. 

This mattress is, therefore, hailed for its calm and quiet effect. But if you still want a mattress that has better edge support, you can try sleeping duck. 

Of course, it is not the only mattress, we have other mattress reviews.

What Materials is the Lazybed Mattress Made From?

It is worth taking a look at the in-depth construction of the Lazybed mattress.

The mattress has a simple structure as it is made of only two memory materials. The two layers of material are then wrapped up in a woven bamboo cover. 

The materials and 100% woven bamboo structure contribute to the highly-breathable nature of the mattress, better distribution of heat and velvety touch. 

The natural materials are great at trapping heat inside the mattress on cold nights and dispersing during hot nights in the summer

The mattress is, therefore, perfect for the Aussie weather, all year round. To top it all, the cover is easily removable and washable. 

Below, we highlight how the two layers work together for your comfort:

  • Foundation layer. The foundation layer provides primary support for the mattress. It is mainly made of high-density memory foam. This is the layer that absorbs the motion and pressure that occurs as you sleep. 

Lazybed also offers you as their customer a unique base construction within the mattress. The unique construction helps to provide durability and ultimate stability. 

  • Top Layer. The top layer is made of the highly viscoelastic Davina foam, a customized foam from Lazybed. This layer is also infused with a cooling gel that largely contributes to the cooling properties of the mattress and doubles as a support layer.

This is the layer that gives the mattress the characteristic sink feeling that characterizes the foam mattresses. The distinguishing characteristic of the Davina foam is softer to the touch and will perfectly provide the right support for your body.

What Other Qualities Make the Lazybed a Great Option?


Just like other countries, Australia is moving towards sustainability and solutions that do not impact the environment negatively. If you care about the environment, then this mattress is the right choice for you.

The mattress is made of OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certified eco-friendly materials. In simpler terms, it means the fabrics used during production are free from substances such as cadmium, pentachlorophenol, and formaldehyde. 

These substances are not only harmful to the environment but banned from use during the production process. 

You will, therefore, not only have a smartly constructed mattress but an eco-friendly one as well. 

Memory foam quality

The memory foam is not just a simple characteristic of the mattress. It plays a vital role in ensuring you are comfortable during sleep

If you like a soft feel and a little bit of sinking as you snooze, then the Lazybed is what you are looking for

Adjusting from a spring mattress to an all-foam mattress may be difficult, but this mattress offers a bit of springiness, which will work to aid your adjustment.

Minimal Motion Transfer

With this mattress, you will not have to worry about motion transfer from side to side. The Lazybed mattress will be beneficial to you if you have a partner that moves a lot as they sleep and you are bothered by it. 

At least there will be no more interruptions to your sleep with this adaptable mattress.

To better understand the mattress, we outline those who may not blend in well with the mattress.

This mattress may not be the perfect fit for you if:

You Prefer Bounciness

This is a precaution directed more towards sleepers who prefer the offerings of an innerspring mattress. 

The material composition of the all-foam Lazybed does not allow it to offer the traditional bounciness that you are accustomed to. 

The Lazybed lacks the support of the coils system, which means that you are likely to be uncomfortable with the sinkage. 

Interestingly, it is still your best bet if you are trying to transition because it has better responsiveness to such needs when compared to other all-foam mattresses. 

You Are in Search of Extra Firmness

This mattress is ideal for those who want to establish a balance between bounciness and firmness. Therefore, if you are looking at any of the extremes, this may not be the ideal solution. 

If you need a firm surface that keeps you on the mattress, this option may be too soft for you and may cause you to sink in. 

If you are heavy, you are more likely in need of a firm sleeping surface that will feel soft enough for your body measurements. 

You Are a Stomach or Back Sleeper

Stomach and back sleepers require great support from a mattress so that their bodies remain aligned as they sleep. 

With a need for extra support on your back and spine, the medium level of firmness will not be sufficient to keep the body comfortable. 

For perfect ergonomics, you may need to find a firmer mattress. 

Does the Mattress Feel the Same for Everyone in Terms of Firmness?

As we have already highlighted above, the mattress may be suitable for some users than others. 

This mattress is a potential perfect match for you if you enjoy snoozing on your side.

It will contour your body and relieve any pressure that occurs as a result of sleeping on the sides. 

The mattress will also be firm enough for you if you intend to transition from a spring bed to another type of mattress. 

How Heavy and Thick is the Lazybed?

In our research, we found out that the Lazybed queen mattress alone weighs 27 kilograms. This means there is a high probability you will need help bringing it into your bedroom once you unwrap it. 

However, the challenge ends there as the mattress is relatively easy to unpack and set up. 

Just like other mattresses, the Lazybed comes vacuum sealed and in a box. You must take care not to puncture your new sleep companion when cutting the plastic. 

Also, the mattress expands quickly after you open it. You may need to wait for 24 hours or more for the mattress to expand fully, but it is still usable immediately.  

So, whether you are transitioning from a spring bed or want to enjoy the comfort of the Lazybed, you will have sufficient time to decide. 

What is the Cost of a Lazybed Mattress?

As we highlighted earlier, this mattress may be a great choice for you if you are walking on eggshells financially. 

Further, it is an affordable mattress when compared to other foam mattresses sold online. The price of the mattress is, therefore, meets the delicate balance between price and quality.

The qualities of the mattress meet the demands of high-end designs, but the price is friendly. 

Below we outline a pricing summary to help you decide which of the Lazybed mattresses will be best suited for your budget:

  • Single – $750
  • Double – $850
  • Queen – $950
  • King – $1050

What Are the At-home Trial and Warranty Period for the Mattress?

Lazybed is generous when it comes to warranties and home-trials. The company offers the user 125 free sleep trial nights starting from the day of purchase. 

You can, therefore, initiate a return during this period as long as 30 days have passed. 

With a strong belief that sleepers have to adapt to new sleeping surfaces, the Lazybed team gives you 30 days to adapt to the new mattress. 

If the mattress does not quench your thirst for good sleep during this period, Lazybed will pick it up and offer a full refund.

Another proof of the mattresses’ efficiency and quality is its warranty period. 

The 15-years warranty attached to the mattress means that any craftsmanship flaws or manufacturing defect can be caught by the customer.

It is, however, important to note that the company shall not cover for defects that result from improper use.