The Koala Mattress Review for 2020

It can take you a little while to decide if Koala mattress is the best for you but bear with me a little.

Koala is Australia’s top-rated mattress

You’ll get to sleep on a breathable and comfortable mattress.  

The mattress is soft and has a fewer motion transfer.

Although it is made of foam layers, it offers excellent bounce without making you sink on it.

Koala has won some awards like Eco-friendly manufacturing and Product Review’s Mattress of the year in 2019, and 2018. 

Koala is a mattress design for Aussies who want to stay cozy in winter and cool in summer months.

Our comprehensive Koala mattress review opens Pandora’s box about what it feels like to sleep on it. 

Plus the nitty-gritty things you need to check off before buying this mattress.

What Material Are Used to Make Koala Mattress?

What sets Koala mattress from the competition is that it has its proprietary foam. 

The foam is breathable and ultra-comfortable.

The Kloudcell technology on the mattress is responsive. 

Its open-cell structure promotes air circulation

That way, you won’t feel hot flashes during sleep.

That said, Koala mattress has one cover and two layers:

  • Kloudcell foam as the top layer
  • Eco-foam as the second layer

The Role Kloudcell Foam Play on the Koala Mattress

It is springy and breathable

Besides that, the Kloudcell foam provides excellent cushion and coolness to the Aussie’s sleepers.

Sleeping on the Koala mattress may feel like resting on a firm traditional innerspring mattress having a memory foam.

But with their patented poly foam combination called Kloudcell, the mattress is more resilient and bouncy than most memory foam.

The Role of Eco-foam Play on the Koala Mattress

It’s the second layer on Koala mattress

The layer ensures your spine, hips, and get aligned and support.

In other words:

The layer provides you with balance and support

Every part of the body gets support and comfort when you rest.

That’s why you can sleep in any position, but you’ll get the most benefit out of this mattress if you are a back sleeper. 

Thanks to its inner layer, you’ll experience calmness sleep during the night.

A Soft and Anti-microbial Cover

A soft and anti-microbial cover protect these two layers. 

The layer is breathable and made up of TENCEL blend. 

The cover is a competing design having a plush white top and strong side panels.

The feel on this cover is soft and pleasant to touch

You can remove and wash to keep it clean and fresh.

How Does it Feel to Sleep on Koala Mattress

So how does it feel sleeping on Koala mattress?

Let’s start with on the winter days:

You feel warm in the cold weather. 

Expect to feel cool and fresh while you are asleep in summer days.

Let’s talk about the edge and how it feels to sit on it:

Koala mattress offers excellent edge support

That said, you can sleep close to the edge without feeling like you are falling off.

When you sit on it, the mattress sinks in a few centimeters. 

The little “sinkage” is never an issue because the mattress distributes your weight once you are in a horizontal position.

The mattress layers compress when you either sleep or sit on it. 

And since it doesn’t have a memory foam or innerspring, it never flattens when you sleep on it.

Did we forget to mention the motion transfer?

The mattress has a Zero Partner Disturbance technology . 

That means you won’t hear your partner tossing and turning when they sleep next to you.

Likewise, if you place a glass of water on the mattress, and then you toss or turn, the glass of water won’t spill. 

A clear sign that the mattress has excellent motion transfer.

Weight and Thickness: How Does it Size Up?

The weight depends on the size of the mattress.

The weight ranges from 14.05kgs to 32.1kgs with the queen-sized Koala mattress weighing 24kgs which makes it a light poly foam mattress.

That means you can move the mattress from one place to another without any challenges.

While the mattress comes compressed in a box, you will need a friend or partner to move it to the bedroom or even unpack.

Once the mattress gets unpacked, it is heavy and challenging to move around. 

When the mattress has expanded, it measures exactly 25 centimeters.

The depth of a mattress has no effect on the amount of comfort, and support a person would receive.

This relies on the quality of the materials, and % of each layer for optimal support.

In case, you notice any dips or indents while unpacking, inform the customer care.

Koala mattress comes with 10 Year Full Warranty.

Firmness-Is Koala Mattress Firm?

The mattress’s firmness is somewhere in the middle between 6 and 7. 

My rating is seven because it is moderate firm.

The firmness level is ideal to ensure there’s a great balance between the soft top layer with a slightly firmer inner layer.

That ideal spot of firmness means that Koala mattress can accommodate people of different sleeping position. 

The combination of moderate firmness and support is what most back sleepers want to feel: 

Enough support and comfort.

That said, your comfort level depends on your weight and preferences.

Does Koala Mattress Smell

When unpacking, it takes a few hours for the “factory” smell to fade. 

That’s ”off-gassing” material. We know that some people are sensitive to off-gassing material.

And this is a challenge for people who may not have the patience to let the mattress breathe before they can use it.

But there’s something you can do:

The best solution is actually to remove the cover, sprinkle with bicarb soda, leave for a few hours, and the lightly vacuum off the bicarb.

Koala also states that the mattress is ‘‘tested for the nasty chemicals you can find in another mattress”

That means Koala has no phthalates, heavy metals, and low volatile compare (VOC) emissions.

The Koala mattress has the Good Environmental Choice label (GECA) which certifies that our mattress has been made without damaging the environment, is safe for humans to use, and has been ethically made.

GECA is the Australian authority for assessing, testing and independently auditing products, materials and services for the Australian market.

The Koala mattress has been laboratory tested to not contain any heavy metals, formaldehyde, VOCS, or hazardous materials that are potentially allergenic, carcinogenic or disruptive to hormone systems.

The full breakdown of what standards the Koala mattress is certified to abide by can be found here

Koala mattress is ”fire retardant”. 

It uses a flame retardant stuck into (Nylon Netting), which is not a dangerous chemical.

On the environmental side, the Koala mattress is vegan and made of GECA-certified foam (Good Environmental Choice Australia Standard of Environmental Friendship) and has been tested that it is low in VOCs.

But that’s not all.

When you buy this mattress, it is like you are adopting a sick or injured Koala with WWF Australia. 

The good thing is knowing your investment on the mattress is going to the right place.

Unboxing the Mattress

The mattress comes with a great slimline box design

It is a good thing because it eases the pain of navigating the mattress through the doorway of a narrow hallway.

You can easily pass it on the terraces and flats.

Koala mattress has no cutting tools, and the instructions are on the box.

But the truth is,  you don’t need a guide to unpack this mattress.

Two people can pull out the rolled-up mattress and place it on the floor to expand. 

Something you need to remember is that if you have slats make sure that there’s no more than 7.5 cm apart.

And you should not use the mattress on the floor because it has reduced air floor. 

In fact, you shouldn’t have any mattress on the floor as it traps heat, and moisture underneath making it prone to mold, and air build-up.

No matter what mattress you have it should always be on a properly ventilated base.

Depending on what type of mattress you had previously it may take up to 14 days to become accustomed to sleeping on a new sleeping surface no matter what mattress you use.

This includes if the materials used are very different, or if your previous mattress was expired.

This means some people can sleep on the mattress on the first day, and sleep perfectly whereas someone who slept on an innerspring mattress for the past 30 years might take a few days. 

Koala Mattress Delivery

Koala mattresses are manufactured in Australia, Brisbane. 

Special equipment compresses the mattress. 

That’s why it is rolled and delivered (bed in a box) in Australia.

One thing that blows me about this mattress is, if customers order before 2 pm on weekdays, they will receive the mattress within 4 hours for these 5 cities:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Perth

The 4-hour delivery service is only available when your product is currently in stock and not for pre-sale.

You can check your delivery time at

That’s a clear sign that Koala mattress has invested a lot in customer service and convenience. 

When you make the order, you’ll get a text message.

The mattress will be sent to your home area.

The courier company won’t deliver it to your bedroom unless you pay for premium delivery.

It is an OHS hazard for couriers to enter your home with packages of this size, and they are required by their own courier company to keep the package at your doorstep.

Koala Mattress Pros:

  • Quick delivery of fewer than 4 hours
  • 120-night trial period
  • Unique technology

Koala Mattress Cons:

  • Mid-priced (Low discount)
  • Maybe too soft
  • Unable to adjust
  • Takes time to use

Koala Vs. Eva Vs. Ecosa Vs. IKEA

Koala, Eva, Ecosa, IKEA, and Noa mattress are Australia’s mattress.  

Koala has sold over 100,000 mattresses.

Is Koala mattress excellent than Ecosa? 

Koala has two layers that balance between firm and soft.

The Ecosa mattress has many layers to provide support and comfort. 

The layers regulate the temperature and circulate air to suit your firmness and needs.

Although these companies have expanded to other products such as pillows and sheets. 

What set Koala mattress apart is:

Koala uses only two layers as it is their fundamental belief that a good mattress requires only two things: support, and comfort.

The bottom layer is the support layer, and the top is the comfort layer.

By having high quality, Australian made a foam that goes through extensive testing we remove the need for springs, latex, and memory foam layers which add weight, encourage the trapping of heat and make the price astronomically high for no good reason.   

Who Needs to Buy Koala Mattress?

Since Koala mattress has a firmness of 6 to 7, it’s perfect for back sleepers. 

If you are a back sleeper, you’ll wake up refreshed and without power.

The excellent balance supports your muscle and bone, guaranteeing you of no motion transfer. 

That way, you are guaranteed an awesome sleep at night.

The fact that the mattress is moderately firm, others sleepers can try it. 

Stomach sleepers may enjoy sleeping on this mattress too.

The only people who may have a slight complaint are the side sleepers who may find the mattress to be too firm

You may find this mattress to be soft if you are a heavy person.

How Much Will it Cost?

Koala mattress offers excellent value at a decent price

You can buy it only online at

Unlike other mattress competitors in Australia, Koala is slightly priced below average if you are looking to buy a single or double version.

The mattress is much lower if you are looking to buy a queen or King Size version. 

Besides that, all sizes come with a 10-year full warranty.

The Koala mattress has a 120-night trial

Keep the mattress in great condition, and if you don’t like it, you can return it.

If you live in any of these five metropolitan areas, Koala mattresses returns are free of charge

Otherwise, there’s a small cost when you return.

Koala recommends a minimum of 14 days to try the mattress before you make up the mind. 

Purchasing a Koala mattress means receiving free delivery Australia wide.

Customers who live in Melbourne and Sydney say there’s a sweet bonus you can take advantage:

A Soft Landing.

Koala has a partnership agreement with Soft Landing. 

If you have an old mattress, Koala will send the customer an email after their confirmation email so they can book their mattress pick up through Soft Landing.

This service is free for Sydney, and Melbourne metro customers.

Feel free to take the mattress to a soft landing for recycling.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Koala Mattress

If you are feeling restless at night, Koala might be the best mattress for you with its bed-in- a box. 

The mattress has the right amount of “sink” and “bounce” that support your body when you are sleeping.

With its Kloudcell foam mimicking memory foam and latex mattress and Ecofoam layer, you’ll have a fairy tale sleep at night.

In case you are unsure if Koala mattress is perfect for you

You could take advantage of the 120-night trial and return it if you didn’t like it.

Koala is a popular choice for most Aussies since it is placed on top of customer satisfaction ratings. 

That means you won’t make a wrong decision getting this mattress.