The Ergoflex Mattress Review for 2020

Ergoflex is a household name when it comes to the in-box online mattress concept In Australia. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Ergoflex has been a vital player when it comes to keeping Aussies soundly asleep. 

The high-density memory foam mattress is hailed for its orthopedic pressure relief properties and the use of hospital grade materials. 

The mattress carefully blends open-cell foam layers that promote the support of Ergoflex users

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The Ergoflex also utilizes a natural Tencel cover that works for the betterment of the sleeper by allowing natural air flow. 

It has dense foam layers that support the sleeper and elevate important body parts such as hips, joints, and back. 

In this review, we help you determine if Ergoflex is a sure reflection of value and innovation as it purports.

What Does the Ergoflex Mattress Look Like, and What is it Made of?

Most online memory foam mattresses share characteristics. However, to stand out, a mattress must have one or two unique characteristics that distinguish it from other online mattress brands. 

Below, we explain to you what makes the Ergoflex stand out from other mattresses to help you understand whether it is the best option for you.

The Ergoflex has three specialized layers that work together to ensure maximum support and comfort for the user. They are as outlined:

5G high density premium memory foam

This is the signature layer of the Ergoflex mattress. The only other mattress that matches up to the Ergoflex’s standard in regards to this layer is the Tempur. 

The 5G high-density premium form is designed with an open-cell structure that is meant to allow for airflow, superior contouring of the body and longevity

In fact, the Ergoflex was designed to withstand long years of use, thanks to this layer.

Cool Sleep Airflow foam layer

This layer comes below the 5G high-density premium memory foam layer. The material used for this layer enhances air circulation while simultaneously offering the sleeper ultimate comfort

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Therefore, heat will be building up in the 5G layer but it will get dissipated quickly in the lower layer.

A Resilient Foam Base

Below the Cool Sleep Airflow foam layer rests the foam base. This base provides structure and compression support for the mattress. 

When the question of how the mattress looks arises, we have to admit that the Ergoflex is a great-look mattress without an unnecessarily expensive price tag

The company pays attention to details when putting together the foam and in the construction of the mattress as well. 

The layers are wrapped in a white and grey cover that gives the mattress a neat yet classy look. The rapping is made of Tencel fabric, which means that the sleeper gets to feel cool while sleeping on a soft surface. 

Tencel is a derivation of plant cells, giving the mattress hypoallergenic qualities. This means that this brand of a mattress can be used even by those with allergies. 

Just below the top layer is a micro-fine fabric that works by protecting the foam layers. 

How Does it Feel to Sleep on the Ergoflex?

It is not a surprise that the Ergoflex has stood the test of time. But what is the company’s secret?

Sleeping on the Ergoflex is an experience every Aussie should get in their lifetime. The three memory foam layers and two cover layers mentioned above contribute to the serene experience reviewers have had when sleeping on the Ergoflex.

The memory foam of this mattress, in particular, tends to contour the body more than allow it to sink. Therefore, this mattress is ideal for people who like a medium-firm feel

Ergoflex’s compression is slow and thus, the mattress can be an ideal option for patients recovering from orthopedic surgery or whose backs are sore. 

People who sleep on their sides and backs may also find themselves in a special relationship with their beds if they chose to buy the Ergoflex mattress. 

This happens for back sleepers because the medium firmness is appropriate for spine alignment and support of the lower back. 

This is where side sleepers gain an advantage: 

Memory foam, as you may be aware is an excellent option for stabilizing joints and relieving pressure while allowing the right places to sink into the mattress. The hips, torso, and shoulders, therefore, get the right amount of pressure relief and support. 

Stomach sleepers are, however, left out because they need extra cushion which is rarely found in such a mattress but can be found in medium-soft mattresses

The cushioned cover adds softness to the mattress, but the stomach sleeper will definitely need more. 

Another advantage that the Ergoflex has above its peers is the edge support. Unlike other mattresses of its caliber, the high-density memory foam allows you to sink several centimeters into the mattress. 

However, you may find it easier standing up from this mattress than from a gel or latex infused foam mattresses. 

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Additionally, this memory foam mattress offers the sleeper motion transfer, thus it is ideal for partners or pet owners who may experience disturbances during sleep.

What is the Thickness and Weight of the Ergoflex?

Interestingly, Ergoflex is one of the thinnest mattresses in the online market. However, the thickness of a mattress does not relate to the level of comfort or firmness of the mattress. At only 23mm in thickness, this compact mattress still does a good job.

You may prefer a higher bed, which the compact Ergoflex does not offer. In such a scenario, you can put your mattress together with a platform or box spring.

Notably, the compact and dense nature of the mattress means that it is heavier than most of its peers. You may, therefore, need some help especially when lifting it after removing it from its package. 

When unpackaged, the mattress will begin to inflate and become heavier. You shall, therefore, have to ask for help when rotating the mattress. 

As we usually do, we recommend rotating the mattress at an interval of 3-6 months to ensure a balance of the sides. 

What are some of the Advantages of Using an Ergoflex Mattress?

  • Support of the body

The mattress is a medium-firm. However, the clever design of the mattress ensures that the two bottom layers always protect the spine while contouring the body. 

However, like most other mattresses of this kind, stomach sleepers may not enjoy what the Ergoflex has to offer because they may prefer a contourless, firmer option.

  • Relief of back pain

Reviewers of the mattress noted relief in their back pain due to the medium-firm support of the mattress and its ability to contour the body. 

However, over time, a few reviewers found a decrease in the efficiency of the mattress over time. Therefore, the mattress has still managed to maintain its position as a leader in mattresses that offer relief for back pain. 

  • The Cooling effect

The Air-Flow foam and the Tencel cover allow the user of the mattress remains cool, even during the summer. 

  • The anti-allergic effect

If you have allergies or asthma, the Ergoflex is the right companion for you. The mattress possesses anti-allergenic and mite-resistant properties that will protect you from the triggers of allergies and asthma.

  • The removable and washable cover

The Tencel cover of the mattress is conveniently removable and washable, ensuring you have a clean cover while at the same time, your mattress remains protected. 

You can machine wash the cover at 30 degrees. 

Who is the Mattress Ideal for?

The mattress is ideal for back and side sleepers as opposed to those who sleep on their stomachs. Further, you will enjoy snoozing on the Ergoflex if you enjoy a slight sink that produces the contouring and body-hugging effect. 

If you have back problems, this mattress can be your new best friend, helping you fight back pain, one day at a time while providing you with the ultimate sleeping experience in every other aspect. 

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What Else Do You Need to Know About the Ergoflex?

The mattress takes about four hours to expand once it is out of the box. However, it is always ready for use almost immediately. 

You may also not find the Ergoflex is not ideal for you for a few reasons. We explain below:

You prefer extended sleep trial periods

Ergoflex is a great option for Australians. However, unlike many other foam mattresses, Ergoflex offers only 30 days. Most other foam mattresses of the same caliber offer 100 nights and above, making the Ergoflex a bit disadvantageous in this aspect. 

You prefer latex or spring beds

The Ergoflex is composed of three layers of foam, and therefore, it does not have the same feel as a latex or spring mattress. If you have a preference for the latter, the Ergoflex may not work well for you. 

What is the Cost of the Ergoflex Mattress?

The Ergoflex mattress is a great deal for your money. Considering its characteristics, the Ergoflex is comparable to high-end foam mattresses in the market. 

The friendly prices are as a result of the company cutting out unnecessary fluff and intermediaries from the business. In short, the Ergoflex is a pioneer in online mattress shopping. 

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The company has, however, managed to maintain its cool and works to bring an affordable quality product to the customers.

The prices are so friendly that even a queen size Ergoflex mattress is just a little over $1000.

The prices are as outlined below:

  • Single – $899
  • Long Single – $949
  • King Single – $999
  • Double – $1249
  • Queen – $1449
  • King – $1699

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How Responsive Are the Ergoflex Customer Care Team?

The customer care team at Ergoflex is commendable, especially because they go above and beyond to ensure that the customer is satisfied. Customers recount how efficient the customer care team is at communication. 

They respond aptly to the problems customers have, ensuring that they offer nothing but the best to their customers. 

Shopping at The Ergoflex company will, therefore, be a walk in the park.

What are the Trial Period and Warranty Details of the Ergoflex?

Even the Ergoflex company understands that an in-store bed trial is not good enough when trying to establish if a mattress is going to suit your needs. 

That is why the company offers a 30-night trial period for its customers. In 30 days, you can determine if the mattress will be good enough for your joint and back needs.

If within 30 days you are not satisfied by the quality of the mattress, then you will have the chance to initiate a return that will eventually end in a refund. The Ergoflex Company is still generous as they will pick your mattress up from most locations.

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It does not stop there. When you return your mattress, Ergoflex will use it for good. They have partnered with RizeUp to donate mattresses to victims of domestic violence. 

The warranty, on the other hand, goes for ten years. Being one of the earliest online mattresses companies in Australia, this is one of the few mattress companies whose customers have hit the ten-year mark with the product. This information only confirms one thing:

Ergoflex products are quality products.

Another perk of ordering an Ergoflex mattress is the fact that the mattress is free to ship in most parts of Australia. In the reviews, customers were happy with the speed of delivery. 

There is a next-day delivery or option, but you are also free to choose a specific delivery date when you want the mattress delivered. Better still, you can have your mattress delivered during the weekend when you are relaxed, and everything is going well. 

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Ergoflex is a wonderful product that has been in the market for nearly a decade now. This mattress offers back and sides sleepers the ultimate comfort and all at an affordable price. 

Coupled with friendly and efficient customer care, Ergoflex has surely mastered the art of online mattress sales. The company shall definitely continue to enjoy the fruits of their worthy labor in making the Ergoflex mattress as you enjoy snoozing on the perfect mattress.