The Ecosa Mattress Review for 2020

Do you experience irregular sleeping patterns or wake up feeling tired and cranky?

According to a recent survey, your sleeping pattern has a direct impact on your health and productivity.

The type of mattress you have dictates how rejuvenated you feel after a good rest.

We are most vulnerable when we sleep.

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Our bodies undertake critical processes, that without would breed catastrophe for us.

Thank Heavens for top quality mattress out-there like the Ecosa Mattress.

This mattress has been a real game-changer in the industry.

The Ecosa mattress is a 3-in-1 mattress.

It was first manufactured for the Australian market in 2015 with the aim of improving sleep.

Since then it has gained traction in the world market.

The use of cutting edge technology showcases its high-end features.

They contour your body and incorporate your preferred sleeping style.

Below is a summary of some of the key features discussed in this article.

More importantly, your questions about the Ecosa mattress review addressed.

What Do You Look for When Going for Your Ideal Mattress?

Did you know the average human spends almost a third of their lifetime sleeping?

Sleeping consumes a huge chunk of our daily lives.

Getting to know how to maneuver and find the best fit for you is critical.

The current market flooded with all sorts of sub-standard types of mattresses prove

This can prove to be a daunting task when looking to buy one that will best suit your sleeping needs.

Here are some of the things you should consider when buying a mattress as shown by the Ecosa mattress:

  • Soft & Firm Our beds should be a safe haven after the day’s hectic schedules. Relaxing helps in your rejuvenation. A good mattress caters to this through its soft nature. Yet, it is important to note that while being soft is vital for relaxing. Firmness is also important for your back, hip and shoulder.

  • Support A balanced mattress has a cushion that will support your weight.

  • Size – Your ideal mattress has enough room to accommodate both you and your partner.

This is so because you twist and turn about 40-60 times a night.

The right size will have enough room for you to express yourself.

How Many Types Are There in Today’s Market?

The Australian market is a good example of how inflated this industry is worldwide.

There are two broad categories where all mattresses fall.

They are:

Inner-Spring Mattress

The oldest form of mattress today is the inner-spring mattress.

As the name suggests, it involves several springs that interlock on a single steel coil.

This type of mattress might not be ideal today because:

  • It is one-sided and you cannot flip it to the other side.
  • It usually sags after a short duration, leaving your body asymmetrical.
  • Its quality is of a lower standard and prone to depreciation over time.

Foam Mattress

The foam mattress is an upgraded version with a distinct body contour.

It is more preferred over the inner-spring because of its:

a. Ability to adjust

The memory foam mattress has a soft contour and a base that you can shift in different positions.

Its durability remains intact as you do this.

b. Ability to fend off allergens

Allergens cause allergic reactions in humans.

Mattresses attract allergens in the form of dust mites.

But, the memory foam mattress has a unique feature that repels these allergens.

c. Back Alignment

Half the adult population suffers from back ailments.

This is can be due to the type of mattress they use.

The foam mattress keeps your spinal cord straight preventing such conditions.

This is due to its streamlined nature.

So Which Category Does the Ecosa Mattress Fall?

It is in its own unique category.

The mattress design is in a way that blends three unique layers.

The memory foam, the Ecotex foam and the High-density support foam.

All of which complement each other.

How do these layers enhance their experience?

Read on to find out.

Eco-Tex Foam

Considered as a patterned upgrade this initial layer has a lot to offer.

The Eco-Tex layer has a pin-hole design that allows airflow.

Plus, this layer is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Rounding off this layer is its soft-silk nature that prevents you from feeling stuck.

More so, the thin channels at the top allow air circulation to the Ecosa mattress.

Memory Foam

The layer is 1.5 inches thick, comprising of fabric that aligns with your body shape.

The alignment relieves pressure from critical parts of your body.

Such as your hips and shoulders.

The memory foam layer is hot.

It contains gel particles crafted to prevent you from overheating.

The gel comes in handy during the hot Australian summers.

It keeps you cool and fresh throughout.

The High-Density Support Foam

The last but in no way the least is this dense poly foam layer which is about 6.5 inches thick.

It has an impressive feature designed to blow you away.

They include its German-made microfilament fiber.

Tiny filaments make it 100% waterproof.

They also protect the different foam layers from dust-mites.

What’s more, this layer boasts of a silica woven sock that you can find between the inner and outer covers.

It protects your mattress in case of fire break-out.

You can remove the soft-touch cover at the top and wash it through specialized machines.

What Other Features Make it As Stand-out?

The Ecosa mattress has more to offer than what meets the eye.

It has been successful in the Australian market.

Much of this success is due to its outstanding features.

They include:

Firmness and Feel

The Ecosa mattress has a 3-in-1 setting which allows you to navigate through with ease.

They include the medium feel, medium-firm feel, and Firm feel.

Let’s take a look at how these three settings can work to your advantage.

Medium feel

Here, memory foam plays a huge role in keeping you comfortable.

Yet, to experience firsthand this feels you need to flip it upwards.

What follows is a soft-sinking like a feel.

This feeling provides you with extra comfort while still maintaining back stability.

Medium-Firm Feel

The medium feel has a bounce-back effect when you sleep.

The surface contours to your body with the right amount of pressure to achieve the feel.

To enjoy this setting you must ensure that the open-cell foam is on the upper side.

Firm Feel

If you want a dense yet springy feeling for your bed then this is the ideal setting for you.

This feel embodies everything comfort.

So, how do you achieve this?

By flipping the support foam to face upward.

It aligns your body and gives it much-needed stability throughout the night.

This setting is good for your spinal alignment.

Keep in mind that all three settings are applicable.

Depending on the side you prefer to sleep facing and your actual body size.

If you enjoy sleeping on your back then the firm set feel is an ideal match for you.

It allows the high-density support foam layer to accommodate your body weight.

The layer provides comfort which cushions your body.

This limits the pressure exerted on your body.

If you are a side sleeper then you are in luck.

Both the medium and the medium-firm feel are ideal for your body.

This feeling is possible through the memory foam and open cell.

They allow your body enough room to sink with ease.

It allows you to Alternate through different positions with ease.

This process alleviates pressure on exposed areas.

The hip and shoulder joints are the most affected.

But, if you prefer to sleep on your abdomen then these settings are not ideal for you.

More so, if your tummy weight is over the top.

Small tummies have a special preference for this.

What’s the Weight and Thickness?

The Ecosa mattress comes with different sizes.

A well customized and expanded queen size weighs about 35 kilograms.

Shipping to various locations requires compression to fit the packaging box.

Although the product retains its original 25.4-centimeter thickness once expanded.

Does Ecosa Mattress offer Support and Motion transfer?

It offers support to your body.

This mattress brings a well-integrated support system to the table.

The High-density support foam handles this.

The support process is vital.

It leaves your spine well-aligned protecting you from associated back problems.

This foam set protects your hip and shoulder.

This is down to the support offered by this foam setting.

Such features are critical for the success of the Ecosa mattress.

Motion plays a vital part in your comfort-ability when you sleep.

The Ecosa mattress takes to the core the importance of your comfort.

They do this through the cutting edge motion incorporated into it.

The memory foam is largely responsible for absorbing motion and minimizing disturbance.

Does it Relieve You From Back Pain?

Ecosa mattress has a cushion that evenly distributes your weight, regardless of your choice of setting.

This balance relieves pressure on your back region.

There is little to no compression on your body’s pressure points.

This protects you from any discomfort.

What is the Cost?

Quality comes with its price tag, and for the Ecosa mattress, it is no different.

Compared to its peers the quality on display is far ahead.

High-end technology and special skill required to craft such a piece of its statue are second to none.

Below are some of the prices you can get the Ecosa mattress for.

Keep in mind that price differs depending on your preferred size:

  • Single >goes for $599
  • King Single >goes for$699
  • Double>goes for$799
  • Queen>goes for$899
  • King>goes for $999

The above rates come after an initial discount offered by the company.

This is after much consumer consideration.

Compared to other mattresses we review, the Ecosa Mattress is priced above average.

Does it Have a Trial Period?

The trial period offered to you by the company has a special 100-day trial.

Its trial period offers more than enough time to test the product.

The trial period is a way for buyers to test the efficacy of the product.

You are the judge.

A move well received in the Australian market.

It served as a sign of confidence in the product.

Once you have tested the Ecosa mattress and feel it is not up to scratch, you will receive a full refund.

But, there is a catch.

Full refunds offered are only due after the initial fourteen nights of the trial period.

However, according to the manufacturing company regulations prices may change.

This forces the buyer to bear the full extra cost incurred.

On the bright side, all shipping costs are fully taken care-off by the company.

Does it Have a Warranty?

The Ecosa mattress comes with a 15-year warranty upon purchase.

Certain specifications come with your warranty include:

  • Any flaws or errors incurred as a result of reckless maintenance
  • The warranty provided is only applicable if the initial buyer issues it
  • A dip on the mattress by any form of body impression

Uncertainties not covered by the warranty include:

  • Minimal cosmetic flaws
  • The smell emitted by the fabric used
  • Unsanitary conditions

Our Thoughts About Ecosa Mattress Review

The Ecosa mattress embodies everything comfortable.

It is vital to anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful good night’s sleep.

Through its various unique features, it is able to take care of your health.

It is the only mattress to offer a unique 3-in-1 setting.

The response it has received in the Australian market is commendable.

Across the world also speaks volumes.

The dedication and care shown by the team are priceless.

They care about your welfare.

Such efforts have seen it receive worldwide accolades and praise.

Order yours today and enjoy the free shipping and delivery to your doorstep.