Australia’s Best Mattresses for 2020

In this article, we will reveal the best mattress in Australia for 2020.

How to choose the perfect mattress?

Price range

A very important decision when choosing a mattress is the price. The truth is that you can’t buy a nice mattress for $ 100 or $ 200. Prices for mattresses for 140/200 and 160/200 twin beds start at $ 500- $ 600. Do not compromise on quality and choice. However, how many times do you change your mattress?


Sometimes people do not pay attention to what the mattress is like, but sometimes it is of great importance. If you like to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you can choose a mattress with a winter and summer side (on one side is wool and on the other is cotton). You can now buy a mattress with aloe vera damask. The woven aloe vera threads in the fabric add a soft touch and remove dead cells from the skin. Also, this fabric is very easy to clean from stains. Bamboo woven fabric is a naturally antibacterial material that absorbs moisture.

There are fabrics that have many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties if you suffer from asthma, chronic runny nose or allergies.

Material composition

Carefully choose the mattress filling. Consider the extent to which the materials are a bacterial growth medium. They are most successfully propagated in polyamide, followed by polyester, polypropylene and finally cotton.

Choose breathable fabrics. Air circulation prevents the development of mites, dust, and other contaminants.

If you have weaknesses in your body, choose mattresses with reinforced areas. They have soft and hard sections in different places. For example – softer to the head, harder to the waist.

Memory foam mattresses are more often chosen than spring mattresses. The foam is sensitive to body temperature and body weight. This is evident in the imprint of the body, which remains some time after the person has already become. Memory foam is highly elastic, maintains the spine in the correct position and is anti-allergic. The high comfort of memory foam mattresses also reduces snoring.

The lower price range includes polyurethane foam mattresses. It has high elasticity and density, resistant to weight and pressure. Different mattresses have different layers of foam. They can also be of different shapes – smooth, thin, thick, with many small pyramids.

How to choose a new mattress?

Buying a mattress can be a difficult and confusing process. Most people are anxious not to make a mistake and this is perfectly normal given that the diversity is at least as great as the needs. But don’t worry, with a few simple steps you can lay the groundwork for the right decision on your own, and then, if you need it, you can always consult the experts who are available to evaluate a variety of factors and give you the most better advice. We are sure that you will make the choice after which years of healthy sleep await you.

The first question you have to answer is whether you really need a new mattress. Usually, mattresses change at about ten years, which is rather the upper limit of his life, but the body itself gives signals when it needs to be replaced (see how to make sure you need a new mattress here).

When choosing a mattress, keep in mind that you need not only to make sure it is comfortable but also to have good support. The difference between comfort and support is that comfort is the feeling of lying on the mattress that will allow you to fall asleep. The support rests the body in a neutral and correct position for the spine so that this sleep continues until the morning. Therefore, choosing a new mattress cannot go by without assessing the condition of your current mattress frame, which may also be a replacement and also plays an important role in the support. In addition, the mattress frames meet different needs that arise over time. Also, keep in mind that having slept for one size of the mattress (bed) does not mean that you should continue to do so, consider this factor carefully.

Modern mattresses have extremely advanced technologies whose design meets all kinds of needs and problems. If you have not changed the mattress in a long time, it is likely that you have a standard spring mattress, and now there are pocket spring mattresses that provide effective support for the body, while the mattress follows the contours of the body during sleep. In them, the spring consists of thousands of springs that are independent of each other.

Another technology completely excludes springs. Among non-spring mattresses, those with memory foam are the most popular right now. In them, the foam is sensitive to body temperature and body weight. The foam is highly elastic, anti-allergic and keeps the spine in the correct position. In addition to memory foam mattresses, there are also latex or polyurethane mattresses, which, while not the top choice of the moment, also have high elasticity, density and durability of weight and pressure.

There are also hybrid mattresses that combine pocket springs in the core and layers of memory foam that cover them (much more than standard spring mattresses, which is why these mattresses are usually higher).

And last but not least. The pillow. The pillow supports 30% of your spine, so when you are secure in your pillow, if possible, try it on every mattress you test.

Here’s a quick list of easy questions to answer before choosing a mattress:

Do you need a new mattress? If your current mattress is more than 8 years old or you have problems sleeping, back pain, allergic reactions, and discomfort, start looking.

What is your budget? Do not hurry. Carefully weigh the amount you can spend and keep track of bids. You may find that you can afford a higher class mattress at a significantly lower cost.

What is the ideal material and technology that is right for you? This is definitely the biggest challenge. Memory foam offers very good conditions for healthy sleep, but traditional mattresses also provide good maintenance and cooling and are generally more durable. In most cases, the memory foam or hybrid mattress is recommended. Again, if you have any hesitation, take advantage of the expert advice.

What is your preferred posture in which you sleep and what is your weight? Much of the choice depends on your posture and whether you rotate while sleeping. If on a scale of 1-10 (soft-hard), people who sleep on the back may prefer a medium-hard mattress (4-7), those who sleep on one side between 3 and 5, and those who sleep on tummy needs a firmer mattress (5-7). In terms of weight, fuller people need more support and, accordingly, thicker mattresses with a higher level of rigidity and vice versa are more suitable for them.

The posture you sleep in affects your health!

For some, getting a good night’s sleep is easy, while for others, it’s very difficult, even with any means. There are health risks that come with both – too much and too little sleep. Dementia, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are all risks associated with this.

A position where you sleep can help but also play a role in getting in acids, wrinkles and even snoring.

Sleeping on the back

Pros: This is great for the spine and neck because the back is straight. The mattress is designed for sleeping on the back so that it is used to its full potential. Ideally, it sleeps without a pillow, leaving the door in a neutral position. Sleeping all night with the face-up leads to fewer wrinkles on the face over time.

Cons: Gravity forces the base of the tongue to get in the way of the airways, which leads to snoring because it interferes with breathing. Back sleeping is also associated with very serious sleep apnea. Spinal support does not always lead to the best night’s sleep, and research has shown that people who do not sleep well have noted that they are sleeping on their backs.

Sleeping to one side

Pros: Sleeping on the left side during pregnancy is good for both mother and baby because it takes away the pressure on the back. Sleeping on one side can also relieve acid reflux and heartburn. This is the most popular sleeping position, but since sleep happens when we are unconscious, it is difficult to prove it for sure.

Cons: Sleeping on one side can put pressure on your stomach and lungs, but alternating sides can prevent this. This position can lead to numbness of the hands due to limited blood movement. Shaking hands over time will adversely affect the muscles and nerves. In this position, the shoulder supports much of the bodyweight, which tightens the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

Sleeping on your stomach

Pros: This relieves snoring as well as some cases of sleep apnea.

Cons: This is known as the worst sleeping position. It straightens the curve, which occurs naturally in the spine, which causes pain in the back, and loads the neck. It is possible to use pillows to get used to gradually sleeping on one side. If low back pain is a problem, place a pillow under your thighs and lower abdomen to raise the lower spine.

Memory foam mattresses

If you are experiencing pain no matter what position you choose to spend the night in, memory foam mattresses can help relieve back pain. They can reduce tension applied at certain points in the body during sleep and help relieve pain and suffering.

The great benefits of a little more sleep

1/3 of human life goes to sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things for our physical and mental well-being, so don’t feel so guilty if you push Snooze several times in the morning. Good and prolonged sleep is a key element of a healthy lifestyle and has great health benefits that go far beyond good mood and freshness.

Do not neglect your sleep. Just as we do not go to the gym or in the mountains without equipment, so our sleep needs the right equipment to be complete and bring us maximum benefits. Nobody sleeps well in front of the TV on the sofa in the evening, surrounded by irritating sounds and lights, or even on his old deformed mattress. To get a good night’s sleep, we need a relaxed and well-organized environment, and the right mattress is paramount in it. In this respect, the range of high-quality mattresses manufactured is a standard of a high standard and meet the wide variety of requirements for perfect sleep.

If everything is right with your mattress, the surroundings and you do not compromise in the evening, you can reap the full benefits of the many health benefits that good sleep brings. And besides the obvious ones related to good heart function, for example, there are a few that may surprise you, but you should keep them in mind the next time you tend to ignore your sleep:

Improves memory

Our mind is surprisingly active while we sleep. He can “exercise” skills and knowledge and solidify memories while he sleeps. In other words, if you are learning a new language, rehearsing a new dance, or bumping your head over a task, the likelihood of performing better when you are asleep is much greater.

Stimulates creativity

In addition to solidifying our memories while we sleep, our brains can reorganize and structure them, leading to greater creativity. This means that we are able to come up with new ideas from our dream experience. So, before grabbing your brush or pen, get a good night’s sleep! It is much more likely that a new idea and inspiration will come to you after a dream.

Prevents accidents

Reactions are significantly delayed when one is awake. This is also proven the hard way – it is easier for unmatched people to make mistakes on the road and cause accidents, and their driving skills are comparable to those of alcohol users. Always drive after a good night’s sleep.

Reduces stress

Good sleep has an effect on stress and hence on normalizing blood pressure and cardiovascular function. It also affects cholesterol levels, which play a big role in vascular disease.

Reduces anxiety and depression

Lack of sleep is associated with deepening anxiety and depression. Conversely, good sleep contributes to emotional stability. However, sleep cannot be “caught up” over the weekend. If you sleep more on the weekends, you do not get enough sleep during the week. And if you feel anxious, it is very possible that getting into a sleep rhythmic cycle during the week will help to overcome this problem.

Contributes to a healthy weight

It is not true that much sleep is full of sleep. If you are planning a diet, go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. On the one hand, people who are sleep deprived are hungrier, but on the other hand, metabolism and sleep are controlled by the same sectors of the brain. When we sleep, our blood levels increase in some hormones, which in turn regulate our appetite.

Tips for excellent sleep

Due to the fact that we spend 1/3 of our life in bed, it gives you the opportunity to choose a healthy and innovative solution for your sleep, which will help you become more productive, alert and full of energy throughout the day. !

The product line we offer is well-known for advanced technological solutions offered at a reasonable price and masterful craftsmanship, which guarantees maintenance and maximum comfort for the body, relaxing muscles and nervous system, helping the heart to feel energetic and rejuvenated.

When choosing a mattress, always rely on yourself and your personal sense of comfort. In this area, hardly anyone can give you advice that is good enough for him and you at the same time. Your body and your sense of comfort are strictly individual. For some people, the most comfortable base is latex, others do not tolerate its smell. For some, the foam is too warm, others like the feeling of an all-encompassing embrace, but they do not like the massage feel of the profiled surfaces sought by others. As you can see, there is no universal formula. Feel free to ask if you need a consultation. However, 1/3 of your day will be in this bed, you deserve to choose the best one.

Our tips for excellent sleep

Temperature: It is extremely healthy to sleep in the cool, about 18 degrees in winter and 26 degrees in summer, for the temperature zone in which Bulgaria is located. Keep in mind that large temperature differences are also not recommended. Tourists know that sleeping in a tent at 5 degrees is no big deal. Don’t be afraid of cool air!

Water: Drinking water before and after sleep is as enjoyable as it is healthy. Clears residual stress and gives you freshness and serenity. Your body is 70% water and loves touching it. Drink more than 2l daily.

Water is healthy!

Furnishings: Clean your bedroom of all unnecessary things. The mind rests best when in a comfortable environment. Avoid placing TVs, appliances, and other electrical appliances in and around the bedroom. Instead of a movie or a show, try sleeping with a good book.

Ceremony: Create a pre-bed ceremony. A cup of tea, a hug, a walk, a cool shower, a book. The mind loves ceremonies, regularly repeated actions, they soothe it and give it a sense of security. She also loves beauty, slow motion, and a positive environment.

How important is healthy sleep?

Having a healthy sleep helps you focus easily and feel good all day long, rather than being nervous, over-excited, and distracted.

According to a study, the biggest benefit we get from sleep is that it helps us to discard the accumulated amount of “mental waste” from the previous day. Scientists explain that nerve connections in the brain increase as a result of stress and work during the day, and shrink at night in an attempt to protect the brain from useless information. Last but not least, good sleep weakens and improves the body’s immunity.

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